Our dyno with Hubscan hubs for the most demanding tuners

Are you looking for a reprogramming tool that is easy to use, precise in measurement and with unbeatable performance?

Our hub dyno Hubscan is made for you!

Hubscan is a tool specifically designed for the development of all vehicles on the market.

The hub dyno allows real repeatability of the measurements because there is in particular no impact of the condition or the temperature of the tire on the measurements.

Two versions available

  • The classic Hubscan version which offers a braking capacity of 1000 HP per axle and which integrates the software Dynascan Essential.
  • The Hubscan PLUS version with a higher capacity of 1500 HP per Axis (larger brakes) and which integrates the software Dynascan Advanced as well as an IMP-A which will allow the acquisition of ambient conditions, the measurement of the lambda and the acquisition of all the OBD datas (within the limits defined by the manufacturer).

No civil engineering constraint

    • The hub dyno consists of 2 or 4 pods depending on the model you want (2WD or 4WD). You receive the mounted pods that you can install in your room. The pods are equipped with casters and can be moved by a single person.
    • To make shipment easier, feet are adjustable and removable.

Hub dyno: greater versatility!

  • In order to fit all existing hubs, Rotronics can supply 4, 5, 6 hole and tailor made patterns on request.
  • It is possible to use the original screws or studs of the vehicle on the flanges.

Safety of hub dyno

  • Unlike most of our competitors, our hub dyno prevents over-revving (if dyno was facing its braking limit)
  • The driver is informed by a signal on the screen and can thus unload the engine while the dyno regains its full capacity.


Very high capacity brakes


Compatible with all cars


No civil engineering constraints


Measurement accuracy


From 2 to 4 driving wheels

Free of charge and without obligation

Characteristics Hubscan Hubscan Premium
Maximum admissible instantaneous power 1000 HP per axle 1500 HP per axle
Maximum permissible speed 300 km / h
Weather Station Option Included
OBD acquisition Option Included
Lambda measurement Option Included
CAN network acquisition Option
ENgine RPM measurement kit Option
Loss measurement Yes
Weight per pod 450 kg 500kg
Mechanical adaptator One pair included – other patterns optional
Synchronisation (4 RM) Electric

A technical and complete documentation on the product

Because the support of the dyno is just as important as the dyno itself, the customer service is the cornerstone of Rotronics.

This is made up of 4 engineers and technicians. Their role is to commission the dynos, calibrate them and also to ensure customer support.

A hotline is provided by our services to meet your expectations.

Thus, once the dyno has been delivered, Rotronics can be reached and supports you in the use of your equipment.