Rotronics presents Titan: The new high-performance high-end chassis dyno, purely and simply desgined for supercars!

TITAN: the most powerful on the market!

Taking advantage of all our experience accumulated over more than 30 years, we have developed a dyno for the most demanding tuners: discover TITAN!

Strong torque technology

  • A specific coating of rollers to grip the rubber!
  • Forced ventilation of the brakes for even more enduring braking capacity: fans are installed near each brake to dissipate heat from the eddy current brakes.
  • High torque synchronisation by Rotronics patented shaft !

To offer a new experience!

  • A particularly high quality image through the new design of the dynamometer: new upper sheets and dual color dyno! The choice of colors is obviously left to the customer!
  • High-end graphics rendering for customer reports

Particularly advanced software

Customised data acquisition: 8 thermocouple inputs, 6 analog inputs and 2 lambda inputs for quality debugging! (To connect a knock detection or an intake pressure sensor for example)

A differentiated front / rear torque measurement: to check the correct behaviour of differentials and other transmissions.

A full-OBD acquisition: the ability to read all the signals circulating on this network.

Even more intuitive use

To facilitate your daily use and be even more efficient, Rotronics offers to equip its dynos with the following elements:

– a wireless remote control:

– control of the chasiss dynamometer by wireless tablet

Finally, note that the dyno can optionally be delivered with the rigid fixing system FASTEN !

To save time on the installation of the vehicle, while improving the safety of users on the dyno, Rotronics offers a rigid mounting system for chassis dynamometers which will save you precious time while allowing you not to lie down under each vehicle to strap them.

Characteristics Titan 2 Brakes Titan 3 Brakes
Maximum admissible instantaneous power 1500 HP 2000 HP
Maximum admissible power over 2 minutes 1000 HP 1200 HP
Forced brake ventilation Included
Roller diameter 600 mm
Equivalent mass 890 kg
Lane width (min / max) 1040/2140 mm
Wheelbase 2100/3300 mm
Maximum permissible speed 350 km / h
front / rear desynchronisation Included
Differentiated front / rear torque measurement Included
Motorcycle and quad compatibility Option
Weather Station Yes
OBD acquisition Yes
Lambda measurement Yes (2 lambda inputs + 2 probes included)
CAN network acquisition Option
Software customization Yes
Hardware Included
Wireless remote control Included
Specific color Yes
Asynchronous machine Option Not compatible
Fasten Option
Hurricane Option

Because the support of the dyno is just as important as the dyno itself, the customer service is the cornerstone of Rotronics.

This is made up of 4 engineers and technicians. Their role is to commission the dynos, calibrate them and also to ensure customer support.

A hotline is provided by our services to meet your expectations.

Thus, once the dyno has been delivered, Rotronics can be reached and supports you in the use of your equipment.