Our services

Recognized and cutting-edge know-how developed over 30 years

Dedicated customer service

All the products are designed, manufactured, calibrated and tested at Rotronics in house at La Roche sur Foron (Haute Savoie)

All our dynos are systematically tested before leaving our workshop by customer support.

Rotronics customer service consists of 4 engineers and technicians. Their role is to commission the dynos, calibrate them and also to ensure customer support.

A hotline is provided by our services to meet your expectations.

To reach our technical support: support@rotronics.com and +33 4 50 03 04 80.

During your calls, our technicians may already be online: do not hesitate to leave a message.


All equipment is sold according to general terms of sales.

The entire dyno, with the exception of the following parts, is covered by default by a one-year warranty back to factory.

The following items are not covered by the warranty:

  • The lambda probe
  • The belt
  • Emergency stop brake pads
  • The straps.

Maintenance contract

Like all industrial equipment, the dyno requires maintenance to be kept in optimal operating condition.

It also needs to be kept in a correct condition to last over the years (in the event of oil in the dyno from an engine or tire dust too present, it will be necessary to remove the sheets cover to clean soiled parts for example)

Rotronics offers maintenance contracts allowing priority access to the medium and various operations for a material maintained in optimal working order;


Rotronics can take control of the dyno remotely.

For this, your dyno must be connected to the Internet.

Once the computer is connected to the internet, please launch the TeamViewer software so that we can take control of your dyno.

Note that the dyno does not require an internet connection to operate and that it is only there for support purposes.

Please click on the image on the right to download the software that will allow remote control.

Note also that absolutely no information from your dyno is transmitted to Rotronics without your knowledge.