Dynosens recently completed the commissioning of an automotive chassis dynamometer installed at DIGITALPROG in Rumilly in Haute Savoie.

DIGITALPROG chose for its tests the four-wheel drive version with motorcycle option of our best seller AUTOSCAN. It was designed for road vehicle optimization professionals. It offers the best of Rotronics piloting and measurement technology on this low inertia version.

DIGITALPROG has already successfully tested a good number of 4-wheel drive (ML-AMG 6.3) or rear-wheel drive cars. AUTOSCAN with its large diameter rollers and its front brake option also allows you to pass the most powerful traction (MEGANE RS, FORD FOCUS RS) with very good repeatability.

The motorbike option (bench + fan) brings a real plus by diversifying the clientele. The tuning of sports are done without problem.

All our best wishes to DIGITALPROG in achieving their professional goals.

http://www.digitalprog.com/ Benoit BERNAZ 06 31 64 87 69