The 24h of Barcelona is approaching for our friends from Vortex. Only a short week before the big departure after an update on the Hubscan!

Vortex au castellet



Indeed, the 24 hours are run this year on September 8 and 9.

And so on the program, qualification on Friday, then start of the race on Friday September 8 at 12 noon!



As a reminder, a whole development of this extraordinary vehicle has been carried out on our hubscan hub benches: our hubs bench is the ability to carry out long-term tests, with powerful vehicles, while having a unmatched measuring precision!

Mise au point Vortex sur Hubscan

Mise au point Vortex sur Hubscan


Hubscan is the solution for our racing customers who are reluctant on chassis dynamometers.

Indeed: the product is unbeatable when it comes to measuring accuracy, but also braking torque. An eddy current brake, associated with high performance regulation electronics allow a whole panoply of tests for a quality adjustment.

All the Hubscan information on our website:


Finally for the race, all the info here: