You are probably familiar with POG and his exploits on various SUPERCARS.

Recently, he spent one of his cars on one of our AUTOSCAN benches in Belgium.
Thanks to ULTIMATE ENGINEERING for this wild video!


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The least we can say is that the unbridled GUMBALL atmosphere was there !!

The POG 812 superfast thus reached 374 km / h on our AUTOSCAN bench.


This once again demonstrates its PREMIUM capabilities on the market. Indeed, large diameter single rolls (600mm) make the difference with twin roll beds or smaller diameter (450 or even 300 with some competitors).

Of course, AUTOSCAN continues to ensure FWD / ARR synchronization despite these very high speeds. (Ask MAHA or other brands their limits …)

Its high capacity brakes and its 2 or 3 brake configuration allow power up to 2000hp to be considered. We can also note the unique ultra-flat concept (< 2cm!) Which allows all cars to pass, even the lowest in ride height without dismantling anything.

Thus equipped, the tire works almost as on the road (temperature included) which considerably reduces the risk of damaging or even bursting a tire during repeated firing or at very high power.

Note that the standard benches are validated up to 300km / h . An option allows this limit to be extended up to 400km / h.


We invite you to pay particular attention to the strapping for this type of extraordinary test.
In addition, by the end of the year, we will be offering you a new innovative FASTEN pole mounting system.

  • Speed and security> impossible for it to come off.
  • No need to go under the car anymore (extractor problem, exhaust …)
  • No more straps burned by PORSCHE exhausts
  • No more ABS sensors damaged by a strap.
  • Mixed fixing possible (if no ring at the back for example)
  • Comes with a suitcase of rings covering most vehicles.
  • Of course, it can be installed on an AUTOSCAN after the fact.


A car makes us think about the next step ….. 500km / h

Let us salute the fair play of the Americans of Hennessey Performance who, after having congratulated BUGATTI, accepts to take up the challenge of 500km / h … There is no doubt that the Swedes of KOENIGSEGG will not want to be left behind!





We are of course your disposal for all your requests for test benches at 400km / h as at 50000N.m !!

See you soon by phone or email.