ROTRONICS is in the spotlight in ENGINE TECHNOLOGY for the month of June-July.

Rotronics since 1991 has always responded to the ever-growing needs for test facilities for engine preparation.

Whether for racing applications like ORECA, SODEMO, DANIELSON or motorcyclist like SERT, MG competition, racing is in the DNA of ROTRONICS.

Today we offer you a whole range of complementary products to help you in your developments. These products are the sum of more than 25 years of experience in the field.

Transient engine bench with asynchronous machine

Bench with 2 and 4 wheel drive hubs

Ideal for small premises and those who want to work on AV / ARR power scales.
also applicable to vehicles with very short ratios which may prove difficult to pass precisely on the chassis dynamometer (Rally Cross, Hill climb, 1/4 mile …)

2- and 4-wheel drive roller bench

extended range from 500 to 2000hp.
2 wheels or 4 wheels mechanically synchronized by belt or shaft.

breech bench

Optimizing an engine also means working on the intake and exhaust. ENGINE TECHNOLOGY readers will be delighted by this tool which allows you to form your own idea and kill received ideas such as extreme polishing which has previously been schooled.

distribution bench

endurance, lift law verification, valve panic, friction
Acquisition in angle or in time.

We are at your disposal for any request for information in order to follow you in your endless quest for performance.

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