ROTRONICS replaces a MAHA power bench in Germany.


We are very proud to have replaced a MAHA bench on its national market with our client BHP MOTORSPORT (STUTTGART).



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BHP Motorsport wanted to evolve by replacing its MAHA by an AUTOSCAN X4 + 2 single roller synchronized brakes.
The result is clear, it passes cars hitherto impossible like this golf VR6 Turbo front wheel drive of + 500HP!

See customer comments at the end of the document.


The time saved thanks to the concept of synchronization proven for more than 15 years is also very important in its activity.
The front guide rollers allow a safe and fast installation with the advantages of the single roller without the disadvantages.

All German cars (like this 950N.m Cayenne!) Go through electronic devices like ESP without touching. the synchronization is perfect up to 300km / h and even 400km / h as an option (we will talk about this in a future newsletter).
The competition benches find it difficult to keep up with the evolution of vehicle electronics or are limited in speed (210km / H for the MAHA and its electrical synchronization).


The DYNASCAN software has been adapted to the particularity of the German market with the addition of a TACHOTEST to certify the reading of the speedometer following a change of rims.
Also we now draw the loss curve over the entire power shot (green curve).

We wish them good success in their reprogramming activities. LINK TO THEIR SITE


testimonial3 (translated from English by us):

Carlo Renz BHP Motorsport Stuttgart

> I love it !
> the grip is very good, we have no slippage even with very powerful cars.
> We no longer have any tire temperature problems (compared to MAHA)
> There is also a lot more ventilation air under the car (which is better for the exhaust line)
> We have no problem with the new ESP and All-Wheel-Drive Systems (New X-Drive). All cars are measurable, the belt drive works perfectly.
> No problem for very long cars or vans (MB Sprinter) thanks to the long wheelbase (330cm)
> We can also measure the lowest cars without worry.
> The second front roller (NDR guide) is one of the important functions, it is very easy to position and fix the vehicle in the right position. “


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