Dynosens recently completed the commissioning of an automotive chassis dynamometer installed at the GMP department of IUT 45 of the University of Orléans. The Polytech Orléans engineering school is also very involved in the project.

The project took place in two stages. The first consisted of delivering a standard Autoscan Fi test bench, in version X4. And the second, to equip this bench with an electric machine making it possible to drive the vehicle in order to be able to simulate non-driving operating phases of the vehicle (deceleration, lifting of the foot, descent).

So that users can define their own test procedures and implement specific measurements, Autoscan Fi has been equipped with the Kronos supervisor software, which can be fully configured for piloting, display, monitoring, measurement channels and data post processing. .

A CAN interface was also provided to acquire data directly from the computer of the vehicle under test.

Students use the bench to perform standardized road cycles, especially the classic NEDC. They make fuel consumption measurements comparable to the homologation data displayed by car manufacturers: consumption in urban, extra-urban and mixed cycle.

Thanks to all the measurements collected by the bench, they deduce energy balances in order to make them aware of the energy consumed, the energy returned and the energy dissipated. An important point of the process is also to understand the source of the energy consumed, how it is partially restored and the means of dissipating the lost energy.

The educational process is carried out in 2 phases:

  • A first phase on a “conventional” gasoline powered vehicle
  • And a second phase, more complex, on a gasoline / electric hybrid vehicle. In this case, additional measurements are taken in order to characterize the operation of the hybrid system and to supply the energy balance. The goal is to deduce the fuel consumption gain obtained by explaining how. This approach also allows students to understand the complexity of the hybrid system control strategy implemented by the vehicle manufacturer.

Through this project Autoscan Fi shows that it is a real driving and simulation bench, perfectly suited to educational use.

Congratulations to the entire teaching team linked to this project for the definition and implementation of the practical work.