Rotronics high performance power bench for reprogramming


In 2016, Chip4Power in Tiefenbach decided to change its twin roll power bench.

Their choice quickly fell on an AUTOSCAN X4 + single roller 2 synchronized brakes.

Indeed, the wheelbase of the X4 + is totally in line with the German market: 2.1m to 3.3m (3.45m in extreme).

The front brake option generally increases the power to go through the most powerful pulls without any hassle.

Also with single roller technology and our proven AV / ARR synchronization since 2000, Ford Focus & Megane RS are not a problem on the AUTOSCAN.

The measurement precision and the OBD measurement functionalities bring a real plus in the context of a reprogramming activity.


“Thanks to the insulation of the bench, the level of vibration and noise is much lower than the other benches we have tested”.

We wish them the best of luck in their activities.


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